Pete Scholey

For 20 years Pete Scholey served in some of the world’s most hostile terrain, patrolling, cooking, fighting, fixing and even laughing as enemy soldiers sought to expel him and his small band of fellow soldiers from whatever foxhole, jungle or sand dune that they were holed up in.

Between 1963 and 1982 Pete served in Borneo, Aden, Oman and Northern Ireland as well as with the regiment’s CRW anti-terrorist team. On leaving the regiment he worked as a security consultant before settling down in semi-retirement with his wife, Carolyn, in Hereford. His autobiography, The Joker, was published in 2000 (Andre Deutsch). He is currently writing about his personal unsung heroes of the SAS for publication in 2007.

My Unsung Heroes of the SAS
(Osprey, 2008)