Peter Silverton

Peter Silverton is a journalist and author who began his writing career at music magzine Sounds in the mid-1970s after finishing a degree in psychology at the University of London where he got a 2:1.

In 2007 he returned to the same University to get an MA and described his quest on a blog. Filthy English is not about University though; it’s about swearing. Why we do it, what the meaning is of different swear words in different cultures and what power different words have, and why. It begins with his family moving house after Pete uttered the F word aged 4, and continues to the present day, charting the changes in attitude and usage of the numerous and various swear words which we all know and use.

“Every page offers curious facts and ideas and one is left with amazement at the vast profane creativity at work in the unique human project of language. And so, despite what I was so often told at school, I now have to admit that swearing really is big and clever.” – Observer

Filthy English
(Portobello, 2009)
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