Ronnie Barker

Actor, writer, comedy legend.

Ronnie Barker is commonly regarded as one of the finest British comedic actors and writers of the 20th century. As the larger half of The Two Ronnies he entertained 20 million people every Saturday night throughout the 1970s and ‘80s. In Fletcher (Porridge) and Arkwright (Open All Hours) Ronnie created two of the most enduring and memorable characters in British sitcoms. But he was not only an actor and comedian. For many years he submitted material to The Two Ronnies using a pseudonym, Gerald Wiley. Ronnie wanted his material to be judged on its merits and not because he wrote it, and the shows’ producer invariably chose to use Mr Wiley’s scripts and jokes because they were funny. All I Ever Wrote (Macmillan) gathers together all of Ronnie’s scripts, songs, sketches and limericks in one volume and includes, in Four Candles (Fork Handles) the sketch voted as the UK’s funniest ever by thee public. Ronnie Barker The Authorized Biography by Bob McCabe is the only full biography of Ronnie to have his co-operation. Sadly, Ronnie died in 2005.

Essential Works continues to represent the estate of Ronnie Barker and his many published and unpublished works.