Barrett published

Barrett was published on March 18 and we had the most marvellous launch in tandem with the opening of the Syd Barrett: Arts and Letters exhibition.

We are extraordinarily grateful to Elosie Rowley, Rachel Wood and Megan Thomas at Idea Generation who worked like demons to stage the exhibition, and to Hector Proud.

Many wonderful people were able to come along and celebrate Syd’s life and work with us and to view the artworks, letters and photographs. We hope everyone enjoyed the event as much as we did.

Here are just a few snaps from the night, there are many more over on our Barrett book facebook page. Some of the friends and colleagues who were good enough to attend were: Will Shutes, Russell Beecher, Rosemary Breen, Jenny Spires, Viv Brans, Libby Gausden-Chisman, Adam Ritchie, Anthony Stern, Steve Wilkins, Irene Winsby, Nigel Lesmoir-Gordon, Warren Dosanjh, Glenn Povey, Storm Thorgerson, Hoppy, Barry Miles, Duggie Fields, Jeff Dexter, Iggy, Noel Fielding, Graham Coxon and Captain Sensible – and many more! Can you spot any of them in the images?

Thanks to all who made it such a special evening.