Johnny Morgan and his Beatles disco secret

The author of Disco; The Music; The Times; The Era (Sterling) has recently blogged about an aspect of the book which might surprise some people. The part that The Beatles played in the development of disco was perhaps small, but it was important, nonetheless. You can read about it here. The blog contains some great links to video of some fantastic girl groups of the early 1960s, including The Shirelles, Royalettes and The Marvelettes, plus footage of the Beatles covering Shirelles songs.

Morgan’s book contains a cool photograph of Ringo dancing in 1964 at London’s then exclusive Ad Lib Club, and tells the story of how the drummer inspired the creation of one of New York’s earliest discotheques, Arthur’s. You should ¬†also check out the man who helped make The Shirelles one of the Fab Four’s fave bands and who went on to be one of disco’s most prolific and successful producers; Van Mcoy.

He’s in Disco; The Music; The Times; The Era, too (p. 212). (Do The Hustle.)