The Politics of Dance: Disco is here!

We’ve been waiting for months, and it’s finally here: Disco (the music, the times, the era) by Johnny Morgan has arrived at Essential east-central. Disco book by Johnny Morgan, ISBN 9781402780356

Because we do not usually create the covers for the books which we produce for Sterling Publishing  in New York, it’s always something of a pleasant surprise when we get the finished article. We had no idea that Art of The LP, for instance, was being sold in a red, clear plastic slipcase until we saw a copy. The cover for Disco is not quite so different to an early design we created a couple of years ago, but it does have the title word printed in raised, embossed pink neon dots over a sparkling disco ball.

Inside there are 256 large, matt-art pages filled with color, glamor, dancers, musicians, discos and divas who made the original movement (1969-1979) such a fantastic, organic scene. The book traces the evolution of the club scene from Paris immediately post-WWII through London and on to New York, where the private loft party scene at the end of the 1960s saw the birth of DJ culture, 12″ singles and the Gay Rights movement, which played a key role in establishing Disco’s dominance of the clubs and charts in the 1970s. From James Brown to Madonna, Disco profiles everyone from Isaac Hayes to the O’Jays, Allen Toussaint and The Meters to Gloria Gaynor—who wrote a foreword for the book—and Sylvester, ending with current queen of Disco, Lady Gaga.

The story includes the regrettable, semi-racist anti-disco movement which resulted in the public burning of disco records, the overkill suffered in the wake of Saturday Night Fever and the emergent club scene of the 1980s. Then there’s the top 100 disco dance tunes to argue about.

Summer’s here and the time is right; Disco is available now via Amazon, B&N and discerning bookstore everywhere.

Pages from Disco by Johnny Morgan, ISBN 9781402780356Pages showing Michael Jackson from Disco by Johnny Morgan, ISBN 9781402780356Pages showing Madonna from Disco by Johnny Morgan, ISBN 9781402780356Pages and cover Disco by Johnny Morgan, ISBN 9781402780356