Lift Off with R88


Because publishers never sleep, on Christmas day last, as many people now know, we sent out an invitation to download, for free, the first title on our brand new imprint, Rocket 88 Books (‘music books with extra thrust’); ‘Rocket 88: Classic Singles‘. We have a raft of new titles intended for R88 in the coming months, among them a companion volume, ‘R88 Classic Albums’, which is as quirky as the Singles book. There’ll also be the autobiography of Glen Matlock, ‘I Was A Teenage Sex Pistol’, and a fascinating and an intriguing book about Nick Drake, titled ‘Pink Moon’ (below) by a Danish poet named Gorm Henrik Rasmussen (who is the only writer to have interviewed the tragic singer’s parents, back in the early 1970s).


Over the course of the year we’ll announce and publish a wide range of music books, some of which will be reprints of classic, ‘lost’ texts and some of which will be brand new titles. R88 books will be far-reaching, vitally critical and entertaining, covering essentially interesting areas of music and the vast history of pop culture. And later in 2012, we will launch another new publishing imprint, called Nostromo. For now that’s all we can say about it, but there’s a clue in the name as to what it’ll be like. Or not.

Our work for publishers carries on apace, and next month will see the publication in America of our latest large format, lavishly illustrated appreciation (that’s marketing speak for you!) of the great Barbra Streisand (Retrospective) who’ll be—whisper it soft—70 years old on April 24 this year. We like to think of the book as a ‘Glee-ful’ appreciation of La Streisand. Hopefully her legions of fans will agree.


Meanwhile, two of our authors are regularly blogging and both worth a read if you get the time. Peter Silverton’s ‘Psycho’ blog, is as eclectic as the man himself. He’s also tweeting brief and hilarious excerpts from his most recent book, Filthy English. Johnny Morgan’s Rum Do includes personal takes on music, fashion, disco, growing up (as if) and letting loose. There are some great images and hyperlinks on both blogs. There are also some questionable fashion statements…