Book of Lies

The most deceitful book in the world, containing information on lies, liars, and their lying ways

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It is a commonly held belief that in a war the first casualty is truth. In today’s world it seems that everyone is at war and truth is certainly in short supply.

We are surrounded by lies, from the top down. Including many little white lies that you are likely to hear uttered from the mouths of babes, to great big, outrageous lies told by presidents, kings, stars, and spies, the Book Of Lies is a complete compendium of the false and the base.

Located among the manifold lies told in this book, there are some untenable truths. Can you tell the difference?


  • Unique "little red book" journal-style packaging.
  • Contains all manner of shocking, outrageous, and contemptible lies.
  • More than 98% of people in the world tell lies and wish that they were better at it.
  • Unique style and presentation offers a beautifully packaged book.


  1. Children's lies.
  2. Presidential lies.
  3. Royal lies.
  4. Sex lies.
  5. Lies we tell children.
  6. How to spot a liar.
  7. How to tell lies.
  8. The psychology of lies.
  9. True lies.
  10. Rock lies.
  11. Conspiracies and lies.
  12. Great liars of history.

Author biography

Malcolm Green is a journalist, author, and former employee of a Western government’s secret service. At least, that is what he claims.

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Malcolm Green
Andrews McMeel
Publication date
165mm × 115mm
160 pages
60,000 words
100 images
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North America, France, Italy, Portugal
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