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The encyclopedia of conspiracy theories

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A comprehensive and exhaustive source of reference for conspiracy theorists.

Conspiracies are everywhere. They are the lifeblood of politics, business, and our daily lives.

This book is an essential guide to the many and varied conspiracy theories that exist in all areas of life.


  1. Al-Qaeda.
  2. Assassinations.
  3. Disinformation.
  4. Global conspiracies.
  5. Intelligence.
  6. Key figures.
  7. Medical conspiracies.
  8. Military conspiracies.
  9. Religious conspiracies.
  10. Royal conspiracies.
  11. Secret societies.
  12. UFOs.

Author biography

Each writer who has been involved in compiling and writing the 250,000+ words that make up this encyclopedia has been chosen for his/her dedication to revealing as much of the truth about each theory as could possibly be divined. With an introduction by Thom Burnett (a pseudonym), one of Britain’s leading experts on security and military matters. Having served with UK Special Forces in the 1990s, he is now a researcher and a writer. He is the author of Who Really Won The Space Race? and co-author of Who Really Runs The World? and is finishing an M.A. in Conspiracy Theory at a leading British University.

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