Cricket: The Golden Age

Extraordinary images from 1859 to 1999

Images from   Cricket: The Golden Age

Cricket: The Golden Age brings together the greatest cricket photography over 140 years, many not seen since their original publication. 

Documenting local, national, and global cricketing events, it moves from the village green to first-class competitions; from top cricketers, great matches, famous cricket grounds, the majesty of the batsmen and the perception of bowlers to the close finishes. Cricket is a game of technique and skill, luck and judgement. Synonymous with fair play and gentlemanly values it often has a ferocious and competitive edge. This book explores the popularity of cricket, that quintessential summer sport. 

It goes behind the scenes of the game’s history, catching off-field moments with star players and glimpses of the lives and passions of fans and celebrity supporters. From Mick Jagger leaving the Oval Bar in the 1970s to children playing in World War II bombsites, from the greats of the game to county cricket idylls, Cricket: The Golden Age captures the energy, the eccentricity, and the sheer joy of the game throughout history.

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Duncan Steer
Cassell Illustrated
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299mm × 259mm
Two colour
384 pages
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