Eton Colours

An Essential Illustrated Aide Memoire

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Eton College has a unique system of sporting and House colours that has evolved over some 150 years. These colours stand at the heart of British tradition in sartorial and sporting prowess.

This book traces the colours from their inception through to current day. Delightfully illustrated with hand-drawn plates, it contains brief histories of each sport and describes the correct way to wear the colours.

Also included are some of the myths and traditions that go with them—such as not allowing the Captain of School to keep a goat or a wife, nor sport a beard. This fascinating little book is required reading for anyone interested in the history and tradition of British sport and style.

Author biography

Lachlan Campbell was born in London in 1958. He was at Eton between 1972–77 in M.A. Nicholson’s House, Field & Strawberry. Having served in the Army for five years, he has run his own business since.

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Lachlan Campbell
Lachlan Campbell
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