Scary Clowns

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A collection of truly frightening photographs of clowns, the perfect weapon to combat coulorophobia.

For centuries the tradition and art of clowning was considered wholesome family entertainment. And then, something happened. People became scared of clowns.

The term ‘coulorophobia’ – fear of clowns – has only come into usage in the past two decades. Rising anti-clown sentiments have given birth to numerous support groups and websites as well as a wave of horror movies depicting murderous clowns.

This book catalogues some of the scariest clown images that exist, brought together from different times and countries.


  • A unique book on a fascinating subject.
  • Will appeal to fans of horror movies.
  • Colourophobia is one of the fastest growing phobias in the Western world – everybody knows somebody who is scared of clowns.
  • A perfect gift or self-purchase.
  • There’s a pop-up Scary Clown in the middle of the book.

Author biography

Koko the Killer Klown is a failed children’s entertainer. After failing to get a single booking for a child’s birthday party in seven months, he set out to discover what had gone wrong with his chosen profession. It was then that he first came across the term ‘colourophobia’. This, his first book, is his attempt to help cure people of this unfortunate phobia by confronting it head-on. Rather like a custard pie in the face.

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Andrews McMeel Publishing
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128 pages
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