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“Take It Easy.” “Lyin’ Eyes.” “One of These Nights.” “Hotel California.” These songs are among the most memorable ever written, and they all came from one amazing band: the Eagles.

This gorgeous volume traces the history of the group from the late 1960s through to the present. Capturing the albums, the tours, the fights, the triumphs, the awards, and the remarkable freezing over of hell (otherwise known as their 1994 reunion tour), The Eagles offers a truly unique look at how the group exported the Southern California lifestyle to every corner of the world.

Author biography

Andrew Vaughn is a respected Nashville-based writer and authority on country music. His work has appeared in such magazines as Billboard, Music Week, Mojo, Q, The Times, the Guardian, Folk Roots, and he was founding editor of Country Music International magazine and a regular guest on BBC Radio, BBC TV, and VH1. Andrew has written books on the history of country music, as well as the UK best-selling Shania: Feel Like a Woman.

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Andrew Vaughan
Sterling Publishing
Publication date
Autumn 2010
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