The Rock ‘n’ Roll Age

The Music, the Culture, the Generation

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In 1954 Rock ‘n’ Roll signaled the beginning of one of the most explosive and enduring periods of 20th-century history. This book portrays that period in detail, using images from the music, films, fashion, and world events that shaped a dramatic age.

The book brings alive the first Rock ‘n’ Roll era, from hipswinging rock stars through the brutal reality of teen gang wars, the style of coffee shops and fins of huge automobiles to the JFK era, the Vietnam war, and The Beatles’ invasion of America.


  • Publication celebrates the beginnings of the Rock ‘n’ Roll generation.
  • The prequel to the hugely successful Hippie.
  • Appeals to the baby-boomer generation.
  • Almost 50% of all recorded music sales are to people over the age of 45.
  • Nostalgic, revelatory, and original text accompanies rare and fascinating imagery.

Author biography

Liverpudlian Mike Evans was a beat musician in the 1960s and played alongside bands such as The Beatles and Merseybeats. A radio broadcaster and freelance writer, he has written for a variety of publications including Sounds, Cream, The Guardian, Elle, and Melody Maker. He is the author of the much-acclaimed The Art of the Beatles, the best-selling Elvis: A Celebration (with the Elvis Presley Estate), and a Ray Charles biography, Ray Charles: The Birth of Soul (2005).

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Mike Evans
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Publication date
Autumn 2007
288mm × 250mm
Full colour
288 pages
60,000 words
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United States, Canada, Germany
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