Who Really Won the Space Race?

Uncovering the Conspiracy that kept America second to the Russians

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On October 4 1957, America’s image was shattered by the successful launch of the Soviet Sputnik, months ahead of its own program. Eisenhower attributed US failure to the Soviets’ capturing of all German rocket scientists in 1945.

That was not true. The US had acquired the best scientists, and yet America lost the race. Investigations revealed a US missile designed by a team of Nazi scientists could have launched an American satellite a year before Sputnik, but had been denied the opportunity. With America struggling, the Russians launched another Sputnik, with a dog on board. The image of America’s impotence was compounded by the explosion at an attempt to launch its own satellite.

This book reveals a conspiracy against German scientists, born of racial hatred and their Nazi past. Neither superpower would allow them the glory of being first in space. In America, this led to the election of Kennedy in 1960—his winning platform built on the idea that America was losing the Space Race and the Soviets had amassed a far greater number of longrange missiles than the Americans.

Had the truth been known, the course of history might have been very different.

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Thom Burnett
Collins & Brown
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