Who’s Watching You?

The chilling truth about the State, surveillance, and personal freedom.

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In this age of sophisticated technology, governments and their agencies are able to track citizens not only on the street (CCTV surveillance equipment is everywhere) but also in the “privacy” of our homes (we leave a footprint whenever we use the Internet). Governments maintain this level of intrusion is for our own safety but many worry that the menace of “Big Brother” as depicted by George Orwell is fast becoming a reality.

The book analyses the current fragmentation of civil liberties in the “Free West.” Today, US and British Governments allow imprisonment without trial and chip away at basic freedoms like trial by jury, the right to remain silent, and the right to be judged solely on the basis of evidence. The State is tightening its grip on us by watching and recording what we do because they can get away with it and knowledge is power.

Among the key topics covered by the book’s 11 chapters are the prevalence of CCTV—if you work in London or any other major city in the UK you will be filmed by the State at least 300 times every day—the myriad state intelligence gathering agencies (the US alone has 41 registered), the credit rating agencies and their record of all your financial transactions, and satellite surveillance.


  • Wide-scale prevalence of government spy and surveillance networks is one of the biggest modern conspiracies.
  • Intriguing examination of the phenomenon of "Big Brother".
  • The third title in an exciting new series of Conspiracy Books.
  • Author is an expert on crime and military defense.

Author biography

A journalist and author who specializes in crime, military defence, and vice, John Gibb worked for the London Evening Standard for four years as a crime writer and contributed regularly to the Spectator, the Sunday Telegraph, and the Observer. He has written extensively on the London underworld and once had himself smuggled in a speedboat into the European Union with 12 illegal Albanian refugees. He has written books on police corruption, race-fixing, and the destruction of the English countryside.

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John Gibb
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